Meet Our Visionary



Founder, Visionary and Philanthropist

With over 14 years of sports development and operational experience, Ontavius’ exceptional vision and innovation has propelled BOOM within the Greater Orlando community.


Creating the “Boom Experience” intentionally creates an environment that advances the quality of life for all people by

–  encouraging community programs that inspire youth and families, and

–  promoting health, wellness, and education worldwide.

Ontavius has a vision not only to “Boom” our local neighborhoods and communities, but our region and state.

In Ontavius’ entrepreneurial pursuits, he has capitalized on unique opportunities. “Learning is half the fun of doing and keeps your mind sharp and your skills fresh.” Now, Ontavius shares his passion by helping others. Boom’s ramp up experience is designed to empower your community, business, or group.

How Can Boom Assist You?

Business mentors are key!

  1. Focus on passionate people. The secret to networking isn’t to attend a networking event and pass out as many business cards as you can.
  2. Create win/win situations.
  3. Aquire skills to make you well rounded.
  4. Give before you receive.
  5. Do your homework. Knowing your business industry is attractive.
  6. Become a connector.
  7. Remember to reconnect. After clicking with a powerful new connection, too many people drop the ball. 


BOOM’s Team Of Coaches

No matter how many years of experience a coach may have, there’s always room for growth.  Our coaches and athletes are people who take fitness seriously and have a love of each sport.  We want you to make tangible progress in your respective sport, so we always push, even our coaches, to maximize their knowledge, skills, and strength.

We are constantly upgrading the criteria of our physical assessments, programs, and nutrition.  We see BOOM as an evolving journey!  This journey leads to the continual discovery of untapped potential, and an ever-evolving perspective of elite training.