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We believe that training and development activities are not just a three-times-a-week routine, but rather a day-to-day lifestyle.  As a result, we have constructed unique sports training camps year-round for youth to increase performance in strength, agility, conditioning, and speed.  We asked, “Can we offer something that is different from what other youth training and development programs were offering?”  The answer was…Yes!  We offer the skills of sought-after trainers and coaches and custom tailored camps designed to take each athlete beyond his or her ground-based training limitations!

— Coach O

Whatever your mood is…

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Sports Training and Development for Youth?

Why Not! These kids found it awesome!

When our community youth sports organization initially opened, training and development programs were focused mainly on adults.  But not anymore!  Within the last 2 years, youth participation in our sports training camps has skyrocketed!  Boom Sports Academy Sports Training Camps are loaded with youth keeping in shape year-round and eagerly striving for maximum potential! 

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